Aleksandra Špicberga – Rakstu Rakstus

By on 21. August 2016

The Patterns of Patterns

I knitted patterns of patterns while waiting for my brother,
I ran roads of roads as a hoopoe by moaning, moaning,
I returned back as a hoopoe singing my long sorrow,
I found shelter in an oak-tree swinging on its branches.

Oak-tree, my brother’s tree, ask the God, ask the God,
You (the Oak) cried for your beloved ones in the dark evenings,
Your core has burnt while being in the war of people,
Your fork of branches has crumbled away while feeding the children of birds.

The land is sending a message for me to bring me to my brother,
The wind broke the oak, acorns will run out to the sky.

lyrics by Broņislava Martuževa
translation to English by Lasma Sile